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Check Out Redistricting Materials

Redistricting Interim Plan Consortium Member Feedback

This feedback document summarizes Redding Consortium member feedback on the interim plan from the April 11, 2024 meeting.

Redistricting Interim Plan
The final redistricting plan must address 13 stipulations as outlined in the Delaware Code and may address additional considerations. Per House Bill 229, the Redding Consortium may submit one or more “interim plans” for action that address redistricting – without including all of the components expected in a final plan – as a means to demonstrate areas of consensus, foster dialogue, and provide structure for the plan development to come.


This interim plan defines a framework and process for creating a final redistricting plan. It presents a path forward to the State Board of Education (SBE) around boundary shifts for school districts, immediate support for our city schools, the timeline and engagement process to develop a final redistricting plan, and policy ideas and reforms to address systemic and systematic change for Wilmington students.
Draft Governance Proposal

This is a draft governance proposal developed by Redding Consortium leadership and presented to the Redding Consortium members in March 2024.

Delaware Education Governance Resources

On the Consortium Resources page, you can find reports and books from groups that specifically worked to address redistricting and education governance in Delaware. Most of these resources reference Wilmington and Northern New Castle County, Delaware.

Check Out Recent Publications

Redding Consortium Impact Report

The Redding Consortium Impact Report showcases how, since 2020, the Redding Consortium for Educational Equity has made considerable investments in Wilmington students and their future.

Annual Report 2022-23

The Redding Consortium Annual Report showcases the hard work and accomplishments of the Redding Consortium members and Work Group members from July 2022-June 2023.

Redding Consortium Members sitting at table during a full body meeting

Upcoming Meeting

Redding Consortium Full Body Meeting (Hybrid)

Date and Time: August Meeting Pending

Location: Pending

Address: Pending

The Consortium’s Definition of Educational Equity

The Redding Consortium’s definition for educational equity states: “Educational equity requires safe, secure, and student-focused learning environments where every student is intentionally provided access to the support, resources, and opportunities they need to reach their full academic and social potential, in and out of the classroom.”


Since 2020, the Redding Consortium for Educational Equity has made considerable investments in Wilmington students and their future.

Red book graphic. $30 million has been invested since 2020 toward Wilmington students, families, and educators

Red book graphic. $10.2 million is secured in recurring funds in the Delaware budget to support Wilmington students, families, and educators

Red book graphic. The Redding Consortium Data Report tracks the progress of over 11,000 Wilmington students every year

Red book graphic. Redding funds helped expand full-day pre-k seats for 499 Wilmington children; the Redding ECAP model was adopted statewide

Red book graphic. 136 scholarships were awarded to eligible educators and school employees at Redding Consortium Schools since the fall of 2022

Red book graphic. Watch the Redding Consortium Virtual Press Conference on the 2020 recommendations and hear extremely powerful messages from educators, community leaders, and legislators, access the presentation

Building on the Work of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

The Redding Consortium builds on the work of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission (WEIC) and the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee (WEAC) as well as other education improvement proposals and efforts over decades. WEIC has officially sunset, but you can still access WEIC-related material in the WEIC Archive section of this website.

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