Work Group Membership

There are currently three active Consortium Work Groups, the Educator Work Group, Funding and Governance Work Group, and Social Determinants of Health and Education Work Group. Work Group membership is currently comprised of a subset of Consortium members and members of the public. Members of the public are always welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings. All Consortium and Work Group meetings are posted on the Consortium Meeting Calendar and the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar.

Educator Work Group Membership

    • Michael Smith–Co-chair, State Representative, Representative District 22
    • Noelle Picara–Co-chair, Educator, Kuumba Academy
    • Kathryn Bradley, Head of Public Relations and Communications, Gulftainer
    • Alfreda Butcher, Parent, Shortlidge Elementary School
    • Stephanie Ingram, President, Delaware State Education Association
    • Ty Jones, Chair, Wilmington Community Advisory Council
    • Raye Jones Avery, Representative, Wilmington Center for Education Equity and Public Policy
    • Margie Lopez-Waite, Head of School, Las Américas ASPIRA Academy
    • Danya Woods, Education Professional, Shortlidge Elementary School
    • Susan Bunting (ex-officio), Secretary of Education, Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)
      • Designee, Jim Simmons, Chief Equity Officer, Office of Equity and Innovation, (DDOE)

Funding and Governance Work Group Membership

    • Nnamdi Chukwuocha–Co-chair, State Representative, Representative District 1
    • Eugene Young–Co-chair, Head of the Metropolitan Urban League
    • Aaron Bass, Chief Executive Officer, EastSide Charter School
    • Ted Blunt, Community Leader, Wilmington, Delaware
    • James DeChene, Partner, Armitage DeChene & Associates
    • Anthony Delcollo, State Senator, Senate District 7
    • Emily Falcon, Chief Financial Officer, Colonial School District
    • Jill Floore, Chief Financial Officer, Red Clay Consolidated School District
    • Dorrell Green, Superintendent, Red Clay Consolidated School District
    • Jason Hale, Chief Financial Officer, Brandywine School District
    • Tika Hartsock, Parent, Brandywine School District
    • Lincoln Hohler, Superintendent, Brandywine School District
    • Joseph Jones, Superintendent, New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District
    • Chuck Longfellow, Chief Financial Officer, Christina School District
    • Maria Matos, President and CEO, Latin American Community Center
    • Jeff Menzer, Superintendent, Colonial School District
    • Michael Purzycki, Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware
    • Dan Shelton, Superintendent, Christina School District
    • Margie Lopez Waite, Head of School, Las Américas ASPIRA Academy
    • Richard Geisenberger (ex-officio), Secretary of Finance, Delaware
    • Mike Jackson (ex-officio), Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Delaware
      • Designee: Mary Nash Wilson, Senior Fiscal and Policy Analyst, OMB

Social Determinants Work Group

    • Raye Jones-Avery–Co-chair, Representative, Wilmington Center for Education Equity and Public Policy
    • Jeff Menzer–Co-chair, Superintendent, Colonial School District
    • Dawn Alexander, Preschool Expansion Coordinator, Colonial School District
    • Evelyn Edney, School Leader, Early College High School
    • Roger Harrison, Clinical Psychologist, Division of Pediatric Behavioral Health, Nemours
    • Tika Hartsock,  Parent, Brandywine School District
    • Teri Lawler, Trauma Informed Practices Expert, Delaware Department of Education
    • Yasser Payne, Associate Professor of Sociology & Africana Studies, University of Delaware
    • Shanika Perry, Board Member, Brandywine School District
    • Mark Pruitt, Principal, Conrad School of Science
    • Yvette Santiago, Director of Operations, Delaware Valley Government Relations, Nemours/A.I. du Pont Hospital for Children
    • Aaron Selekman, Principal, Newark High School
    • Tamara Smith, Executive Director, Teach for America Delaware
    • David Sokola, Senator, Delaware State Senate
    • Kim Williams, Representative, Delaware State House of Representatives
    • Jeff Taschner, Executive Director, Delaware State Education Association
    • Salome Thomas-El, Head of School, Thomas Edison Charter School
Delaware State University & Institute for Public Administration Staff

Delaware State University (DSU) and Institute for Public Administration (IPA) staff provide administrative, policy, and planning support to the Consortium and Work Groups.

    • Abigail Armstrong, Graduate Student, IPA, University of Delaware (UD)
    • Darren D. Blackston, Director, DSU Georgetown Campus
    • Jason Bourke, Director, Master of Public Administration Program, DSU
    • Sarah Bruch, Associate Professor, Biden School & Sociology/Criminal Justice, UD
    • Jerome Lewis, Director, IPA, UD
    • Fran O’Malley, Partnership for Public Education, UD
    • Joseph Pika, Senior Fellow, IPA, UD
    • Haley Qaissaunee, Policy Scientist II, IPA, UD
    • Dan Rich, Director, Community Engagement Initiative, UD
    • Cimone Philpotts, Doctoral Student, UD
    • Kelly Sherretz, Policy Scientist, Education Services Coordinator, IPA, UD
    • Alexis Wrease, Undergraduate Student, IPA, UD
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