In April 2015, the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee (WEAC) issued its final report, Strengthening Wilmington Education: An Action Agenda. This report identified a four-piece action agenda:

  1. Creating Responsive Governance
  2. Meeting Wilmington Student Needs
  3. Funding Student Success
  4. Implementing Change

The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission recognized that five subcommittees were needed in order to effectively implement the recommendations of WEAC’s recommended action agenda. The five committees are as follows. Visit each committee’s Web page for more information about the committee’s responsibilities, membership, and meetings.

  1. Redistricting Committee
  2. Charter and District Collaboration Committee
  3. Meeting the Needs of Students in Poverty Committee
  4. Funding Student Success
  5. Parent, Educator, and Community Engagement Committee

At the conclusion of the most recent legislative session, the Delaware General Assembly passed Senate Bill 300 with House Amendment 1. This bill requires that the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission conduct an assessment detailing the total fiscal impact of the transition of City of Wilmington students from the Christina School District to the Red Clay Consolidated School District due to redistricting. 

To address this requirement, the Commission created the Fiscal Impact Ad-Hoc committee. This committee assessed the fiscal impact of redistricting and produced a Fiscal Impact Analysis that was reviewed by the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission and submitted to the General Assembly. Please visit this committee’s Web page for more information about the ad-hoc committee’s mandate, responsibilities, membership, and meetings.

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